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Projects Up!

Posted on May 11, 2020

I've added in a project sections up above to showcase some of the stuff I'm doing, and its current progress. So far, I've just got my writing stuff in there: some details about my first book, The First Estate (probable title), and a small stub about my current project, Eldar's End (tentative title). Currently, it's just a static thing, but I'll probably be working on it going forward to automatically pull in some of my stats.

For example, I have the blog system set up in such a way that I can easily just add little snippets of script if I need to (without actually having a huge whole framework involved in the actual project); I'm already using it to pull in the "What I'm Reading" and "What I'm Playing" from a remote site that tracks my literature/media consumption.

I'm thinking I can include either a progress bar, or a simple word count setting. Progress bar probably makes more sense, because I already have a target amount of words I want to hit for each book I write (100,000), which is a nice blend of "long-enough" and "not too long". All in all, that works out to about a 350-400 page book, which is about stadnard for a novel. I was able to hit that target within 10% for my first book (I ended up writing 110,000 to wrap everything up), and I'm going to try to hit it for my second book as well. So a little progress bar would probably be nice.

I'll probably have it up by next week.